Is it a Date? Signs it’s Actually a Date

Signs that you are on a date

Is it a date? This question might seem silly to others, but it is a legitimate question for someone who is in an awkward situation. When you are going out with someone, and you don’t openly talk about whether it’s a date or not, it can be a puzzle for you. Therefore, it is important to know the signs so you can act accordingly. 

Is It a Date?

The dating world is undeniably weird and confusing. It never gets easier the more you do it.

When you’ve known someone for a while and they ask you out, it can be tricky to know when something is actually a “date” and when you’re simply hanging out like friends. Identifying when you’re on a date is difficult during the early stages of your relationship. And it’s difficult to assume since you don’t want to give someone the wrong idea or mislead them. 

A date is when there are only two people. It’s something that you do to be able to get to know each other. These dates are often tailored between the hobbies and interests of two people. But it couldn’t be that hard to figure out that you’re on one, right? 

10 Signs You’re on a Date

These are some of the key signs to look out for to know that you are on a date.

ways to figure out if it is a date1.  The location of your date can be a serious indicator if you’re on an actual date. If the person has taken your interest or personality into consideration when choosing a location, they are serious about you and want you to feel comfortable or enjoy this experience. 

2.  If you are alone with them, then consider it a date. Not all dates are going to be spent alone between two individuals. But when it is, then there is a romantic interest there. It is a good indicator that the other person wants to get to know you more.

3.  What is your history with this person? It is important to assess how long you have known each other and if they have shown interest in the past. You need to know what their intentions are and use it to gauge their current behavior towards you.

4.  In relation to the above point, you should also determine if the other person has made an effort to socialize with you in the past. Do they like to talk to you? Are they making an effort to stay in communication with you? These small details count when assessing if you’re going on a date.

5.  The type of activity you are doing for your date is also a tell-tale sign you’re on an actual date. For example, if you enjoy hiking and they set up a hiking date with you, then it means they value what you are interested in and want to do something you’ll enjoy together.

6.  They want you to enjoy the date. In connection with the above, this is when the other person makes an effort and plans the date. It is all part of the effort to make sure that you enjoy the moments you share together.

7.  Assess how much attention they are giving you. If you are doing something together, such as hiking, take time to assess how much interest and attention they give you versus the actual activity. Are they going on a hike to spend more time with you, or are they more interested in finding someone to go on a hike with?

8. The topics of your conversation can also help indicate when you are on a date. Are the conversations more about each other and finding things in common? Or are they more about them and other people?

9. How do they treat you during the date? Focus specifically on their dating etiquette such as opening doors for you or pulling up the chair so you can sit. These are traditional manners when dating and someone who goes that extra mile to impress is deeply interested in you.

10. Do you have nervous or awkward moments? If there is tension – physical or sexual – then you know that both parties are aware that there is something more than friendship. That tension only means that you are concerned about how the other person perceives you. 

Is it a Date? 4 Signs You’re Not!

On the flip side, there are also signs that tell you when something isn’t a date. It can be unnerving to ask someone, especially if you are not sure if you reciprocate their feelings toward you or vice versa. 

These are the signs that indicate you are not on a date. The method of exclusion might be easier for most people to figure out to know where you stand in your relationship with the other person.

1.  They bring a friend. If you didn’t invite someone else, and yet the other person shows up with company, then they definitely did not consider this encounter as a date. 

2.  They don’t offer to pay. When you are hanging out with friends, you typically split the bill when you eat out or go somewhere. When they use this same approach with you, then it wasn’t a date in their eyes.

3.  They feel relaxed around you – maybe a little too relaxed. Someone who is romantically interested in you might feel conscious as they want to make a good impression.

4.  You can’t tell if they are interested. If they haven’t made an effort to make you feel a certain way, then they weren’t interested to begin with.

signs that your date is not interested

Bottom Line

Is it a date? It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out, right? If you have no idea, you can work up the courage to ask the other person directly about their intentions with you. Or, you can use the cues above to decide if you want to spend more time with that person or if you would rather use your time to move on to someone else. 

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